Menstrual Hygiene Day: Follow these tips to make your daughter's first-period comfortable

Menstruation which is important topic but people hesistate to talk about it.  It’s important for young girls to be aware of periods before their first one. According to the experts  a girl must be prepared for their first period. Here’s what Gauri Singhal, Founder and CEO of FLOH tampons and Shelly Singh, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant at Momspresso, suggest how to make your daughter’s first period comfortable.

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Tell her not ashamed of periods:  While pregnancy is celebrated in India, periods are treated in a hush-hush manner. It’s about time we break out of this regressive socio-cultural mindset. The next generation should be that of the trailblazers who finally break the shackles and speak out freely about menstruation. Make sure it’s an impactful and an empowering one, for she might be the one who changes the way women perceive their periods.

Blood colour: Leading brands that use blue ink to depict period blood are essentially attaching a message of shame to periods. Let your daughter know that we bleed red, and that there’s no need to be ashamed of it. Periods should no longer be a secret between moms and daughters but can and should be discussed with brothers and dads too.

Personal hygiene: Tampons and pads must be changed every 4-8 hours depending on the flow. And she must wash herself every time she uses the washroom, and keep herself clean since menstrual blood can lead to infection and bad odour. During the period, it is easier to contract bacterial infections or vaginitis.

Make her comfortable: Comfort her by telling not be scared of ‘leaking’ and if it happens, she can just throw that underwear panty away and use a fresh one.

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Tell about problems: Tell her this is part of a normal growing up process. There may be cramps, backache, thigh pain and headaches that may happen. You should opt for herbal period pain patches that discreetly yet effectively soothe the cramps. Exercising may also help to take care of all this.

Disposal of sanitary products: It’s important to wrap it in a newspaper and dispose this in the bin rather than flushing it down.


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