Mother cuts six-year-old daughter's wrist, gets arrested

Sep 10 2019 03:40 PM
Mother cuts six-year-old daughter's wrist, gets arrested

Recently, a case of crime has emerged from Maharashtra. In such a situation, a woman undergoing psychiatric treatment in Maharashtra allegedly killed her six-year-old daughter by cutting her wrist on Monday. At the same time, according to the reports received in this case, the police gave this information and they say that "the incident happened in the afternoon and accused Shweta Patil was arrested."

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Her husband Amit Patil is a software engineer. "In this case, she said," The deceased has been identified as Akshara Amit Patil. " Probably were at home. "The officer further said that" The couple lived in the United States before Pune and Akshara was also born there. Amit was recently transferred to the US again and was about to go to Chennai for work related to family visas.

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He told that "Amit had gone to the airport earlier in the day". This case cannot be called the first such case as there have been many such cases which have come as a surprise.

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