Messenger and Instagram are now connected for Cross-app chat

Oct 11 2020 02:43 PM
Messenger and Instagram are now connected for Cross-app chat

The family of facebook apps, messenger and Instagram has now been connected for cross-app chat which brings few messenger features to the popular Photo and video-sharing platform Instagram. Now, the Instagram direct messages will be connected with Messenger. It means that one can now send messages to people in messenger from Instagram, and the other way around. The messages and calls from or to families and friends using Instagram will stay in Instagram app but people using messenger can reach a person on Instagram without the need to download the Instagram and works vice versa too.

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When a user opens the app these feature will be shown. Still the Messenger and Instagram DMs can be kept separate. It is all about the user indent. Once updated, the simple messaging experience on Instagram will look similar to Messenger. The Instagram users will be getting features such as message forwarding and customising chat threads with custom colours and nicknames.  A bunch of new features, including selfie stickers, Watch Together watching videos with friends and vanish mode, setting to enable auto disappear after a certain time period are added. In his remarks from early 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned end-to-end encryption as one of the key benefits of merging all of Facebook's messaging platforms together. It is to be noted WhatsApp and Messenger are already supported with end-to-end encryption, but Instagram does not.

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There is no information about encryption as part of this update. The company plans to add end-to-end encryption to Instagram in the future, but there's no timeline revealed. This update will be introduced over the next few months.

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