A 3-year-old girl died, suddenly sound started coming out of coffin and then...
A 3-year-old girl died, suddenly sound started coming out of coffin and then...

You all must have seen many shocking cases till date. Now after knowing the matter about which we are going to tell you today, your senses will be blown away. In fact, have you ever heard that a person woke up again after a few hours of death, you may not have heard it, but it has happened. In fact, one such case has come to light from Mexico. In fact, here a 3-year-old girl got up from the coffin after 12 hours of death. Yes, according to a report that surfaced, 3-year-old Camilla Roxana had a stomach infection. During the treatment, the doctors declared the girl dead.

After about 12 hours, when preparations were being made for the last rites by putting the girl in the coffin, only then she became alive again. According to a report that surfaced, Camilla's mother Mary Jane Mendoza told that her baby girl was vomiting and had abdominal pain and fever. She took the child to a child specialist in Villa de Romas and after seeing the condition of the child, the child specialist was asked to take her to the community hospital. The girl was treated for dehydration and fever at the community hospital. After this, the girl was asked to take her home. However, after being brought home, the girl's condition again deteriorated. When the family again took her to the hospital, a few hours after the treatment, the doctor declared the girl dead.

With this, the girl's mother told that she had brought him for an IV drip, but it took time to get oxygen. After some time the doctor declared the girl dead. However, 12 hours after she was declared dead, while preparations were being made for the funeral, the girl's mother noticed a vapour-like deposit on top of the glass in the coffin. Seeing this, he gave information to the people present there, but no one believed it. People said that he is in shock, so it looks like this. Saying this, people stopped him from opening the coffin. After all this, the girl's grandmother saw that the pupils of her eyes were moving.

Eventually, the girl started crying inside and started calling. Then the coffin was opened. Yes, and the girl was alive. After that, the family members immediately ran to the hospital with her. The doctors checked her up, although by then the girl had fallen asleep again. The doctor declared him brought dead. According to the General State Attorney, Jose Luis Ruiz, the matter is being investigated. The body of the girl is being examined.

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