Mexico did not move to escape Corona, now blocked roads
Mexico did not move to escape Corona, now blocked roads

Paris: For the past several days, the game of death is going on around the world, the Coronavirus has caused havoc everywhere. This is the first time in the world that a minor virus has killed millions of people. There are many lakh people still in the grip of this virus, where it is difficult to say whether it is possible to recover those people or not. The number of deaths continues to increase.

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Mexico locks roads: Consideration for gradual measures to open lockdown in Spain has begun. Workers will be allowed to work in areas like construction and manufacturing from Monday. However, Spain has extended the ban on movement along the border with France and Portugal by two weeks. The Health Minister said that because some companies are reopening, masks will be distributed at the metro and train stations from Monday. However, health experts have requested people to strictly follow the lockdown. No one could enter the seaside cities of Mexico, for this people have closed the roads through various barriers. If anyone tries to enter these cities, they will have to stay in Quarantine for 12 days.

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In Italy, the number of infections increased in one day: 1,996 new cases appeared in Italy on Saturday. This is the largest number of infections in a day. The figure of the infected has increased to 1,52,000. 619 people have also died. So far 19,468 have been killed by this epidemic in Italy. So far, more than 32 thousand people have become healthy.

Death toll increases worldwide, number of infected crosses 17 lakh

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