Danish Siddiqui, hiding in mosque, dragged out by Taliban, then shot dead- Reports

Kabul: New information has emerged about the murder of Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, who arrived in Kandahar, Afghanistan to cover him in spin Bolduc. So far, while Raveesh Kumar was sending a curse on the gunfire that hit Danish and killed him. The new information has revealed how the terrorist Taliban deliberately hunted Danish and brutally killed him after knowing his Indian identity. The Taliban caught Danish alive when he was hiding in the mosque and undergoing treatment.

According to a report by Michael Rubin published in the Washington Examiner, news channels that have reported Danish's death are just an attempt to hide the brutality that the Taliban have committed. In fact, many media reports claimed that Danish, who had arrived to cover the ongoing conflict between Afghanistan and the Taliban, was shot dead. While Michael says Danish did not die in cross-firing, the Taliban deliberately and brutally killed him. The Local Administration of Afghan has reported that Siddiqui was traveling with Afghan forces in the spin Bolduc area on the day of the incident. Meanwhile, an attack took place and the entire army dispersed. The commanders and army men who were present with Siddiqui also parted ways. With only three soldiers left, Siddiqui was hit by firing pellets. Siddiqui entered a local mosque with injuries and underwent first aid. In no time, however, the news spread that there was a journalist in the mosque. After hearing this, the Taliban systematically attacked the mosque itself. The report said Siddiqui was alive when he was caught by the Taliban, dragged out of the mosque.

According to the report, he was taken out and asked where he was from. Not only beaten but they were killed after knowing their identity also all the people who were with him were killed. Army commanders and members of other teams accompanying them were also killed there. According to Michael, some photos of Danish were shared from place to place, but they obtained some pictures from sources in the Indian government showing how the Taliban hit Siddiqui on the head and then sprayed him with bullets. Amidst all these reports, the question arises as to what is the relationship between the Taliban and the Indian media that the media is reluctant to describe him as Danish Siddiqui's killer. Even Raveesh Kumar, who calls himself an impartial journalist, is sending curses to the gunfire instead of the terror group Taliban.

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