Microsoft employees listening to your conversations with this app

Aug 10 2019 01:59 PM
Microsoft employees listening to your conversations with this app

There was a report in the past that Google, Amazon, and Apple listen to the voice of their users. Now it's reported that Microsoft's contractors hear people's personals getting on Skype. Microsoft has responded to the same response that Apple, Google, and Amazon gave after the report surfaced. Microsoft has said that recordings of conversations getting Skype are done to deliver better translation service. The company says it in its policy, though it is not clear whether humans listen to people's conversations or machines.

While the company records conversations between the beloved couple, a website report further claims that the company is listening to other personal things that include weight loss.

In its statement, Microsoft says it takes permission from users for the same. The company's policy includes voice data recording. According to a company spokesperson, users are informed about where and where their data will be used. A few days ago, companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple said they have now banned voice recordings for reviews.

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