Britain forbids its citizens from traveling to Iran, US statement on second air strike
Britain forbids its citizens from traveling to Iran, US statement on second air strike

America, the world's powerful country, has denied the incident of the second airstrike in the fresh area of Baghdad. On Saturday morning, there were reports that a day after the US killed Iran's second most powerful leader and top Quds commander Qasim Suleimani, an airstrike in Baghdad killed six people, including a dead commander. There were also reports of three other people injured in the attack. Those killed in the second airstrike were also reported to have been pro-Iran militia Hashad al-Shaabi. However, which commander died in this attack, which took place at around 1:12 pm local time, was not disclosed. It is known that militia Hashad al-Shaabi is another name for pro-Iran mobilization forces.

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According to the information received from foreign media, the US-led coalition spokesperson tweeted that no air strikes have been done in recent days in the fresh area of ​​northern Baghdad. It is worth noting that on Saturday, quoting paramilitary groups working under Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces, reports said that the airstrikes near camps in the Tazi area included six including a commander of militant Hashad al-Shaabi People were killed. Iraqi television called it an American attack.

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Britain has issued advisory for its citizens amid reports of second air strike. Britain has asked its citizens to avoid going on a trip to Iraq and Iran. Thousands of people joined the procession being taken out after the death of Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and the head of Iran-backed Kurdish force Major General Qasim Sulemani, according to news agency Reuters. The participating people also raised slogans of 'Death to America'.

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