BJP MLA's statement in Karnataka, says, "Let us not do 18% of 80%..."
BJP MLA's statement in Karnataka, says,

Bellary: BJP MLA from Karnataka Somasekhara Reddy has given a controversial statement about the protests against CAA. Whereas Somasekhara Reddy said that the opposition of CAA is not right. The protesters may have to face serious consequences. This is a warning to those who perform. We are 80% and you are 18%. Congress delegation has lodged a complaint in Bengaluru on this statement of Somasekhara Reddy. While addressing a public meeting on Friday, Reddy said that when you are living in this country, beware of the majority. This is our country. If you want to live here, you have to follow the traditions of the country. CAA and NRC is created by Modi and Amit Shah. It will not be good if you oppose it.

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If you want, you can go to Pakistan- Reddy: According to sources, when Reddy spoke about this matter, he further said that if you want, you can go to Pakistan. We have no problem with this. Intentionally, we will not send you. He said that every community should live in harmony with Hindus. If you act like enemies, then we also have to react like enemies. Earlier, BJP MP from Bangalore Tejashwi Surya had allegedly called the protesters protesting against the CAA as 'Panchwala'.

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Protests took place in many parts of the country including Delhi: There is a discussion that after the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 was passed in the last month i.e. December, there were protests against it in many states of the country including Delhi. During this time violence also took place at many places. Several state governments, including West Bengal, have refused to implement this law. However, the Center has made it clear that this law has been passed in the Parliament. All the states are bound to implement this law.

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