Boxer Mike Tyson had no clue about doing cameo in hangover
Boxer Mike Tyson had no clue about doing cameo in hangover

Shocking news related to former American boxer Mike Tyson has come out. Recently boxer Mike Tyson has uncovered many shocking secrets related to his life. Mike has said about this time that he did not know that he was in the film until a day before the shooting of Hollywood film 'The Hangover' started because he 'used to take drugs'.

He has said that "I was doing drinks, smoke and drugs in those days. However, then I did the movie and it proved to be successful. 'The Hangover', released in 2009, is an American comedy film. This film is directed by Todd Phillips. The film became the tenth highest-grossing film of 2009. It is a story of four friends who goes to Las Vegas and get so intoxicated that their world changes in one night. The four friends arrive at the house of a famous boxer. This famous boxer is played by former American boxer Mike Tyson.

Because of taking drugs, boxer Mike did not know that he has become a part of this film. Tyson told the media in an interview that the day before the shooting when he reached the nightclub, where he met the actors of the film, he came to know that his shooting is going to start tomorrow.

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