Mileage is more important for buyers than the power of the car: Report

Sep 11 2018 09:04 AM
Mileage is more important for buyers than the power of the car: Report

Whenever we think of buying a vehicle, the first thought that comes to our mind is its mileage. We are never satisfied with the mileage of a vehicle as the prices of petrol and diesel rise up. This is not only the case of India but also in the developed countries like Australia, China, New Zealand and Singapore, the first priority of car customers is its mileage.  

In the survey conducted by the United States Ford Motor Company, more than 80 per cent of the car customers in 11 countries believe that the importance of car power is less important than mileage. In terms of their own country, 72 per cent of the people's main objective is to save money behind the importance of mileage. At the same time, 71 per cent of the people said their love for the environment was the reason for this. 

64 per cent of the people have admitted that there is a growing reason behind the rising prices of petrol and diesel. 52 per cent of people with a more powerful engine car included in the survey feel that they made a mistake by buying this car.

Indian customers are so distracted about reducing fuel consumption in driving. 37% of the rest prefer to travel by public transport instead of the car. 34 per cent of customers are planning to buy a small car leaving a big car to reduce the fuel consumption.

Keeping this mindset in mind, car companies are focusing on hybrids and electric vehicles. Car maker Maruti Suzuki is going to start testing of electric vehicles from next month. Initially, the company has targeted the testing of 50 cars. The company can launch its first electric vehicle in India in 2020. 

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