Milk and honey will make your skin soft and glowing

To maintain the beauty of the face it is very important to clean it. But how often do we wash our face, but it does not get cleared from inside. There are many types of cleaners available in the market, which use a lot of chemicals. So it is better to use them than to use the home-made cleanser.

1-Skin coconut water is not less than a boon. Coconut water is rich in liqueur acid and cytokine which is very beneficial for skin. To apply it on your face, add a little aloe vera gel in coconut water and apply this paste on your face with the help of cotton wool. If your skin is dry, it works to provide moisture to your skin. Using it, the skin moisture is maintained. This cleanser is beneficial for all skin types.

2- The use of milk and honey can also be cleaned from the inside. Besides this, milk and honey also moisturize the face. To use it, add little honey in raw milk. Now put it on your face with the help of cotton wool. Milk is rich in amino acids that repair your skin and also helps to make the skin soft, soft and soft. 

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