Mind blowing facts about 'Death' will surprise you!
Mind blowing facts about 'Death' will surprise you!

Human beings get scared whenever they hear name 'Death'. Though, it is obvious that everybody has to die someday, but people really can't digest this fact. It is one of the harsh realities which are known to a human.

You might have heard many facts about death, but today we are going to tell you some different kind of it. These facts will really blow your mind.

1. In world, daily 20,000 kids die because of poverty.

2. In India everyday one woman die in cases related to dowry.

3. Because of lack in medical facilities around 4, 40,000 people die.

4. In every 40 second, one people die because of suicide.

5. One woman dies in every 90 second while giving birth to baby.

6. According to a research, left hand users die 3 years before as compared to right hand users.

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