Ministry of Defence Seals Contracts Valued at Rs 802 Crore for Military Equipment
Ministry of Defence Seals Contracts Valued at Rs 802 Crore for Military Equipment

New Delhi: The Ministry of Defence has recently finalized two contracts, one with M/s Jupiter Wagons Limited and another with M/s BEML Ltd, marking significant progress in the procurement of military equipment. The contract with Jupiter Wagons Limited, valued at 473 Cr, involves the acquisition of 697 Bogie Open Military (BOM) Wagons. Simultaneously, the contract with BEML Ltd, amounting to 329 Cr, is for the procurement of 56 Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment (MMME) Mark II. These contracts, signed under the Buy (Indian-IDDM) category, underscore the commitment to indigenous manufacturing and private sector participation in defense production, aligning with the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

The BOM Wagons, designed by the Research Design and Standard Organization (RDSO), serve as specialized wagons crucial for mobilizing Indian Army units. Primarily utilized for transporting light vehicles, artillery guns, BMPs, and engineering equipment from peacetime locations to operational areas, these wagons play a vital role in facilitating the rapid and simultaneous induction of units and equipment during conflicts. They also support the movement of units between different stations during peacetime exercises.

In adherence to the amended Protocol-II on Convention in certain Conventional Weapons, which mandates the marking of all minefields, the MMME Mark II contract addresses this critical requirement. The MMME, designed for cross-country operation with a full load of stores, streamlines the process of marking minefields, requiring minimal time and manpower. Utilizing an in-service High Mobility Vehicle with advanced mechanical and electrical systems, the MMME enhances the operational capability of the Indian Army.

These procurement initiatives not only bolster the country's defense capabilities but also stimulate the indigenous defense manufacturing sector, fostering self-reliance in line with the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.

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