Mitron App is not made in India, know the whole truth

May 30 2020 07:19 PM
Mitron App is not made in India, know the whole truth

The uproar in Tiktok has been going on in India for a long time, but after the recent fight between Tiktok and YouTube and the local-vocal statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, people started deleting the Tiktok app. Its rating dropped by giving a negative review on people's play-stores. Meanwhile, an app is going viral, which is called Mitron App. This app was widely circulated in the name of Swadeshi or Made in India, and more than 50 lakh people have downloaded it, but you will be surprised to know that the friends app you are downloading is considered as Made in India. , He does not really belong to India.

Pakistani developer created app
According to a News18 report, the Mitron App app was purchased from Pakistani software developer Irfan Sheikh, while it was claimed that the app was developed by Shivank Agarwal, a student at IIT, Roorkee. Let me tell you that the real name of the friends app is TicTic app, which was created by Qboxus, the company of Irfan Sheikh of Pakistan.

Irfan Sheikh sold the source code of this app to someone for 34 dollars i.e. around Rs 2,500. Now the problem here is not from the developer and Pakistan, the problem is to promote in the name of privacy and Made in India. The truth is that there is no change in the Pakistani tick app. Only the tick has been named friends. If you go to the Google Play Store and click on the privacy policy of the friends app, then you will get a link to but this link is blank. This means that there is no privacy policy of friends app.

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