'MMS uploads begairat...', Kaif greets his wife on her birthday, so the fanatics got angry
'MMS uploads begairat...', Kaif greets his wife on her birthday, so the fanatics got angry

New Delhi: Former India cricketer Mohammad Kaif may be away from the field now, but he remains very active on social media and TV channels. At this time, Kaif is in the headlines due to one of her romantic posts. Actually, this brave player of Uttar Pradesh has shared a beautiful picture on the birthday of his wife Pooja Yadav. In this, he has congratulated his wife on her birthday in a filmy style.


In the picture posted by him, Kaif is seen kissing his wife's forehead. He has written in his post that, 'You live for thousands of years, this is my Arju. Happy Birthday to my favorite human. This cute post of Kaif is becoming fiercely viral on social media. On this people are congratulating Mrs. Kaif on her birthday, but some Islamic fundamentalists are also trolling and abusing Kaif for this post. Commenting on Kaif's post, a user named Mohammad Tabrez wrote, 'Sir, no need to upload wife's photo. You should think before sharing this. The public will see it.

Another user named Aman Saeed wrote that, 'Only bad MMS would have been uploaded, begairat.' At the same time, a user says, 'Where is the burqa? You must know that you are Muslim. Follow your religious customs!' Commenting controversially, Mohammad Abbas wrote, 'Brother, his chicken is there, no matter where we cut it.' Another user commented while advising Kaif that, 'Bhaijaan, instead of keeping the curtain on the Begum in Ramadan, you put such a photo. Have some shame. Do not do all these acts of infidels by staying on such a position.'

Please tell that Mohammad Kaif married Pooja Yadav on 26 March 2011. Both of them had decided to get married after dating for almost 4 years. Kaif had a hasty marriage with Pooja, in which only close family members were invited. Pooja used to work as a journalist in Delhi. The two first met through a common friend. Even after marrying Kaif, Pooja stays away from the limelight. The Kaif couple has a son Kabir and a daughter.

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