Modi govt moves SC against release of Rajiv Gandhi's killers
Modi govt moves SC against release of Rajiv Gandhi's killers

New Delhi: The Modi government has approached the Supreme Court against the decision to release the murderers of former PM Rajiv Gandhi. The Central Government has filed a review petition in this regard. The government has asked the top court to reconsider its decision to grant a concession to six convicts, including Nalini. On November 11, the apex court decided to release the convicts of former PM Rajiv Gandhi. After the order of the Supreme Court, 6 convicts including Nalini were released from jail.

The Central Government has said that the order granting concession to the Rajiv Gandhi assassination convicts was passed without giving him an adequate opportunity of being heard, even though he was an essential party in the case. Highlighting the alleged procedural lapse, the central government said that the convicts seeking immunity did not formally implead the Center as a party, resulting in its non-participation in the case.

The review petition states that the November 11 order has been "passed by erroneously relying on the Perarivalan order" and that "in the absence of any helping hand by the Union of India, it cannot be pointed out" that The May 18 order was 'in fact and in law, not applicable in the case of the remaining co-offenders as most of the appellants were foreign nationals and they had a different and more serious role than Perarivalan.'

The Central Government said that 'the acquittal of a terrorist of a foreign nation duly convicted in accordance with the law of the land for the heinous crime of the assassination of former PM Rajiv Gandhi is a matter which has international ramifications and therefore it is completely Since then comes under the sovereign powers of the Union of India.'

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