Mohammed Aziz became famous by the name 'Munna,' story is very interesting

Today is the birthday of the famous singer of the entertainment world Mohammed Aziz. Mohammed Aziz's voice mesmerized everyone. Even today, people listen to the songs sung by him with great interest. July 2 is the birthday of Mohammed Aziz and on this special occasion, let us tell you some interesting things related to his life.

Veteran singer Mohammed Aziz was born on July 2, 1954, in Guma, Kolkata. His full name was Syed Mohammed Ajit-ul-Nabi. Mohammed Aziz was interested in singing since his childhood. He was a big fan of Mohammed Rafi. Whenever any of Mohammed Rafi's songs were played on the radio, he would listen to it very carefully. In the world of music, people also know Mohammed Aziz as the successor of Mohammed Rafi. Just as Mohammed Rafi dedicated his entire life to music, in the same way Mohammed Aziz also dedicated everything to music.

Mohammed Aziz, who gave a career-high to many stars with his voice in the world of music, was fondly called Munna by people. Actually, there's a story behind it too. Whenever Mohammed Aziz used to listen to Mohammed Rafi's song on the radio, he would be engrossed in it, just like the Munna of the advertisement of Murphy Radio. For this reason, everyone in his family started lovingly calling him Munna. Even today, when the name of Mohammed Aziz is taken, he is fondly called Munna. In all the credits given to his songs, his name is written as Munna in place of Mohammed Aziz.

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