Mohammed Shami Reveals Shocking Revelation, Unconscious for Two Hours Before World Cup, Doctors Advised Him to 'Forget Playing
Mohammed Shami Reveals Shocking Revelation, Unconscious for Two Hours Before World Cup, Doctors Advised Him to 'Forget Playing

In a recent interview, Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami opened up about a critical phase in his career when doctors told him he would never play again. Shami, who emerged as the highest wicket-taker in the World Cup, also reflected on India's journey in the 2023 World Cup final, where they faced a heartbreaking defeat against Australia.

Shami disclosed that there was a time in his career when doctors advised him to forget about playing cricket. He vividly described an incident where he was unconscious for two hours, and doctors recommended abandoning the sport altogether. Shami revealed, "I was unconscious for two hours, and the doctor said, forget about playing." At that point, medical professionals had cautioned him against continuing his cricket career.

The turning point in Shami's career occurred just before the 2015 World Cup when he experienced swelling in his knee. Faced with the option of undergoing knee surgery, Shami opted to continue playing without the operation. Despite persistent pain, he chose not to go through surgery, keeping his focus on playing cricket.

During the interview, Shami shared that after every match, he had to visit the hospital for injections. The knee issue during the 2015 World Cup posed a significant challenge for him. Shami admitted that if there had been an alternative player available during the World Cup, he might not have played. He said, "I endured pain and played. I had two options, but I chose to represent my country instead of taking rest."

Subsequently, Shami underwent knee surgery, and doctors emphasized the importance of a gradual recovery. They suggested that if he could walk comfortably, it would be a significant success. Shami acknowledged that playing cricket was a distant dream during that period. He recalled being unconscious for two hours and, upon waking up, directly asking the doctor when he could resume playing. The doctor's response was a pivotal moment, stating that Shami had to choose between walking away from the sport or playing after a careful recovery.

Shami's revelation sheds light on the resilience and determination that led to his successful comeback in cricket. His commitment to the game, despite facing severe challenges and uncertainties about his future, exemplifies the spirit of a true sportsman.

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