Mollywood: The group of WCC raises the issue of cyber-bullying
Mollywood: The group of WCC raises the issue of cyber-bullying

The concept of cyber-bullying always remains active. The Women in Cinema Collective or WCC this week, launched ‘Refuse the Abuse’ - a new online campaign that goes against cyberbullying on social media platforms. The organization which strives to support women in the film field, especially in Malayalam cinema, and provide a safe space for women stakeholders of the industry, called upon several women actors in Mollywood to speak out against online abuse and cyberbullying. 

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The WCC said, "Many of these people are those who are interested in copying every little act of their favorite star. The stars are also very careful in building their social media space. It will be much easier for the stars to convey to the people a firm stand that bad cyberculture should be avoided. A request to the stars who are active on social media, if you can use their influence among your fans for this, it will be extremely beneficial to improve Kerala's cyberculture. Many of the victims of cyber-attacks are also your fans; such a gesture would show your responsibility towards them." 

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Over the week, actors Anna Ben, Srinda, Saniya Iyappan and Nimisha Sajayan posted videos on social media lending their support to the campaign and speaking out against cyber abuse. Explaining the effect that abusive comments on social media can trigger, actor Nimisha Sajayan said, “It might just be a spontaneous act done using a fake profile, as a prank or a joke. But the user must remember that this joke can really affect the morale of the receiver of these abusive comments This should prompt them to think again before they post such a comment.”

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