If you also eat momos, read this news first or else you will regret it.

here are millions of people around the world who like to eat momos. By the way, everyone likes to eat momos and everyone keeps eating them every day. However, they are harmful to health. Yes, to make momos, flour loaves are made and the vegetables are finely chopped and filled in it and cooked by steaming or frying them. That flour does not contain fibre, it is bleached with benzoyl peroxide to make it white and shiny, which causes a lot of damage to the body. In momos, flour is also used, so there are many side effects of eating it. 

Today we are going to tell you what more problems can be caused by the consumption of momos.
- People who eat things made of momos or flour every day, their immunity becomes weak due to which they are always sick.
- When momos are cooked, the protein is removed from the flour and it becomes acidic.
- Momos weaken the bones of the body.
- Let you all know that flour has a high glycemic index, so eating momos increases the amount of sugar in the body, which can lead to the risk of getting diabetes.
- Momos do not have fibre so by eating it, there is a problem of constipation and many problems like headaches and gas can be faced.
- By eating momos, the glucose in the blood starts accumulating, which leads to arthritis and heart-related diseases.

You can apply everything from honey to aloe vera on cutting-peeling.

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