Mona Singh defends ‘Puja Paath is malaria’ statement from Laal SinghChaddha

Boycott Laal Singh Chaddha was trending even before the release of the movie because of Aamir’s old statement and when the movie was released, a section of people got really affected as  Aamir called Pooja Path Malaria in the movie. Mona sings who plays Aamir’s mother reacted to this.

Mona said, “I think people who have raised an issue with the line have definitely not watched the film. The kind of son I have, Laal, he is a slow boy and understands things only when I explain them well. At that age, you cannot tell a kid that there are riots going on and people are killing each other. What is the best solution -- the way a mother can explain something so massive in such a beautiful way , ‘Desh me malaria faila hua hai’. He gets it bang on that its not the right time to step out of the house. I never bought guns for my nephew, I bought Lego, books or other toys. You don’t hand them guns or talk about issues like killing.”  “People who have watched the film have not raised a question. It’s so simple, there’s nothing to feel bad about, there is no political thing going on in the film.”

The actress also opened up about the Low Box office earnings of Laal Singh Chaddha, "I am not a filmy person and don’t understand box office at all. This is the third film of my life. What is so satisfying is whoever has seen the film has only good things to say about it. That is what I take from it. I don’t want to think about the short-term things like how much money it made, that’s beyond me. I am sure, I am part of a movie which will be remembered for a very long time."

A Delhi-based lawyer filed a complaint against Aamir Khan and others related to the film for allegedly "disrespecting the Indian Army and hurting Hindu Sentiments" in Laal Singh Chaddha. He objected to a scene where Pakistani personnel asks Laal Singh Chaddha, "I offer Namaz and pray, Laal, why don't you do the same?" Laal replies, "my mother said all this puja paath is malaria. It causes riots."

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