Monali Thakur's pain increases after hearing Sonu Nigam's allegations

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, nepotism has been ringing in Bollywood. Not only Bollywood, but in the music industry too, talks are happening on it and many deep secrets are coming out clearly. Kangana Ranaut has told Sushant's suicide a planned murder through video. Singer Sonu Nigam also revealed the bitter truth of the music industry. Yesterday, on Monday, he spoke about the hooliganism going on in the music industry. The response of singer Monali Thakur has also come on this. She is also seen to have coincided with Sonu Nigam's talk.

During an interview given to a website recently, Monali said, 'The situation inside the industry is not good. Someone who works does not get his dues. You have to pay 50 to 80% of your income, then you get work in the industry. Even if foreigners work, they sign a contract in the industry, here they do not know what is the account of royalty and other terms. Every man is a gangster in this industry and is just robbing.'

Monali said, 'They enjoy working in radio too, but the situation is bad there too'. Talking about the source of earning, Monali Thakur said that most of the artists earn from performing in live concerts. No other medium remains with us. No one gets money from Bollywood songs. Not only singers, music composers, and lyrics are also in this condition. There is no nepotism but hooliganism in the music industry. Everyone is being robbed in the music industry. Not appreciating good talent. It is a long battle. After Sonu, there are many singers who are showing their views on nepotism.

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