He wanted to be lawyer once but became an actor in Money Heist

Money Heist: The second part of the 5th season of the Spanish web series 'Money Heist', based on crime and drama, is scheduled to release on December 3. The magic of this series has started to speak with people's heads up. Today we are going to tell you about a role in 'Money Heist' that everyone hates, the name of this fantastic and memorable character is 'Arturo' and it was played by Spanish actor Enrique Arce. In the web series Money Heist, 'Arturo' is called greedy, mean and very opportunistic.

According to media reports, actor Enrique Arce's story is no less in any movie. Where it was revealed that Enrique wanted to be a lawyer, studied law for three years but nothing happened. It is said that under which Enrique Arce thought of acting. Enrique Arce has done an acting course at the American Institute of Dramatic Arts. Actor Enrique Arce is said to have joined a TV show and paid fees for the American Institute of Dramatic Arts with the money he won.

Speaking of personal life, Enrique was married to Spanish actress Cristina Peña. However, the two did not reconcile and got divorced. On the other hand, Enrique, who made his acting debut with the TV serial Petra Delicado, is a well-known name in the glamour world and has worked in many TV serials, shows and films so far.

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