Money Heist has a heart-wrenching story, here's the review

It's been three months since 'Money Heist' was left together with one of the most shocking moments because the Character of Tokyo lost her life in a painful way. At this moment The Professor Álvaro Morte and his team had impressed us a lot more than we did. Because the final season also begins after death in which some questions are not answered and can be solved in the last part of the 5th season. This Spanish drama series is under pressure from all over the world as everyone's eyes are on the finale episode. It should not end up like 'Game of Thrones', whose finale had disappointed their fans.

Story: After watching the first episode of the second part, it doesn't seem like it took you time to get into the world of theft. Whereas the final episode was left with many questions, one of which was whether Tokyo has really died or is it going to be shown further in the coming story. It was told in the voice-over that the character of Corbero Fiesty is over. Tokyo's death leaves the Professor deeply broken and he loses control of the situation and gives Alicia Sierra a chance to escape. On the other side of the back, the professor and his team are emotional about the loss of Tokyo's life. At the same time, Sagasta also becomes very sad after losing all his 6 soldiers. Meanwhile, Rio (Miguel Herran) raises questions about good and bad karma. While Colonel Tamayo continues to fall down to win against the Professor. In such a situation, the same question is coming to our mind whether now the team is going to be successful in committing the biggest theft ever.

The best part about Money Heist is that it didn't even give you an opportunity to get bored with the screen. There is always suspense. In the last part, Berlin challenges the professor and speaks to think again, as the professor's plan is dashed. All the team members are disappointed and wonder how the coming days are going to happen and they don't have a plan to escape from the theft that lasted more than 100 hours. It will be interesting to see what professors do at the last minute.

This season of Money Heist is more emotional than the rest. A glimpse of this begins to appear in the first episode itself. In fact, Denver, Stockholm and Palermo, Rodrigo and Rio look emotional and the scene seems heartwarming.

The good and bad thing about the series: With the finale of this season coming, the audience will find some questions necessary. As well as new twists and turns you're also getting to see. The good thing about this series is that it's not going to let the audience move off the screen. If you're watching for the first time, you need to see the first part of season 5 Money Heist to understand it. On the other hand, those who will watch the first season will definitely watch the next season. The makers are pulling out something like one to roast Money Heist which is not showing anything new.

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