Watch Video: A monkey drinks water from a tap and turns it off

Aug 05 2019 05:22 PM
Watch Video: A monkey drinks water from a tap and turns it off

A video of the monkey on social media is going quite viral. Users are very happy to see this video. In this video, you can see how the monkey is drinking water by opening the tap. However, this is rarely seen. By watching this video, users are also telling the monkey to be sensible and appreciative. Know what's in the video.

In the viral video, you can see a monkey drinking water by opening a tap. After drinking water he closed the tap and gave it a walk. The monkey has been praised on social media for shutting down taps. This small attempt to save water by a monkey is affecting people. Animals are not expected to be praised on social media.

These videos have actually been shared on TikTok. The video was shared on Twitter by former Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Swai Qureshi. With this 11-second clip, he wrote in the caption: 'A beautiful message given to humans.' Which has been over 5 million views so far and many have commented and praised. One user wrote: 'This is the video as an example to save water...'

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