The restaurant serves 50000 RS bottle of wine to a customer and then...

Aug 05 2019 04:54 PM
The restaurant serves 50000 RS bottle of wine to a customer and then...

How much your bill will come if you go to eat food outside anywhere. It's as much as you can give it. But what happens when these bills exceed 50 thousand? Hearing how it will happen will only be surprising. This is what has happened to the person. One person was arrested after erroneously ordered a liquor worth Rs 54 thousand. Now let's know about how it happened.

In fact, the British tourist had ordered a bottle of expensive champagne in a state of intoxication. The case is from Ibiza Island in Spain. The restaurant then asked to pay the bill and refused to pay. The 42-year-old's bill at the restaurant came to around Rs 68 thousand, which he refused to pay. The restaurant then complained and arrested. The man had ordered Louis Roederer Cristal Rose 2008 champagne.

Moreover, the person in the court said that without knowing the price, he made the order at fault. According to reports, the accused person was sentenced to 4 months in a suspended sentence by the court. The court said they still pay the money and avoid difficulties. On August 2, the person concerned was produced before the court. Earlier, he was kept in a police cell for two days on charges of fraud. 

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