America scared due to Corona's attack, death process is not decreasing
America scared due to Corona's attack, death process is not decreasing

Washington: Coronavirus, which has been in constant chaos for the past several days, is no longer taking the name of freezing. Every day the outbreak of this virus is increasing, due to which the human aspect has reached the brink of destruction. Every day, due to this virus, it is not known how many families are being killed, while the infection of this virus is becoming an enemy of the lives of people, millions of people are getting infected every day due to its grip. Talking about those who die all over the world, then more than 2 lakh 65 thousand people have died.

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According to the information received, the outbreak of this virus is affecting the city the most today, America is constantly being victimized by this epidemic everyday. Many such cases are coming up throughout the day due to which it is becoming difficult for people to live, while the death toll in America has been increasing.

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2,073 people have died in America in the last 24 hours due to Corona virus (COVID-19). The death toll has increased to 73,095 here. 12,27,430 cases have been reported. More than 37 lakh cases have been reported worldwide.

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