Drinking too much water can be dangerous for your brain

Aug 10 2019 03:08 PM
Drinking too much water can be dangerous for your brain

The need for water in the body is high. Lack of it can cause you a lot of trouble. On the other hand, if consumed more, you may face more problems. While drinking less water increases the problem of dehydration in the body, drinking more water on the other hand also causes problems in the body. So let's tell you how much water can be dangerous for your health. In fact, overdoses can also lead to death due to overhydration in the body.

 Excess of water induces inflammation in your brain

Excess water intake thinners the blood in the body, causing your sodium levels to drop. Sodium helps to create a balance between the vital fluids present inside and outside our body cells. When the amount of water is high, the sodium levels are reduced, the fluids move from outside to the inside of the cells, causing swelling in the brain.

* Puts extra pressure on the kidneys
Kidney in our body works by filtrate and expelling body toxins. When you drink more water you urinate more. Thereby filtering the dirt inside and exiting. But if you drink more water every day, it can have a very bad effect on the kidneys as our kidneys can filter about one liter of water in an hour.

* Affects the blood circulatory system
Excessive intake of water leads to rapid increase in the blood circulation of our body. Which causes pressure to pump blood to the heart.

* Vomiting
Sometimes you may have noticed that when we drink too much water, suddenly we start to get dizzy and ironically feel uncomfortable. And the heartbeat starts to grow rapidly. Symptoms of overhydration are similar to dehydration. Because when you drink more water, our kidneys are not capable enough to drain the water quickly.

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