Amazing Facts: Do you know why mosquitoes bite?

Aug 21 2019 05:34 PM
Amazing Facts: Do you know why mosquitoes bite?

You may hear a variety of warnings about mosquitoes every day. During the rainy season, they are very high and can cause illness, which can sometimes be fatal. They cause many dangerous diseases, from malaria to dengue. There are many ways to avoid mosquitoes. One research also shows mosquitoes, snakes, and other similar creatures as dangerous. Today we're going to tell you a few special things about mosquitoes.

1. Mosquito memory is very fast. We're saying this because research has proven that when you try to kill a mosquito, it doesn't explode for at least 24 hours.

2. Mosquito recognizes a human being. He knows from the smell of any person whether he has been encountered before.

3. If you drink beer, the mosquito can hunt you. Research has shown that people who drink beer are more attracted to mosquitoes.

4. Mosquitoes are not just beer drinkers, but pregnant women and people with o blood groups are also very fond of it. Such people bite more.

5. Mosquitoes run away from tulsi leaves. If you have a Tulsi plant in your home, the aroma of the mosquito will not come around you.

6. In addition to tulsi leaves, mosquitoes also shy away from the smell of lavender, marigold flowers, and garlic. Not only that, things that smell like lemons also keep them away.

7. You will be surprised to know that male mosquitoes never bite. The female mosquito always bites people. This is because the female mosquito needs protein to grow its eggs, which it receives from human blood.

8. Mosquitoes do not contain teeth. It always bites from the long and pointed part of your mouth. Not only that, a mosquito can drink blood three times its weight.

9. The female mosquito can lay about 300 eggs at a time. A mosquito remains alive less than two months. The male mosquito survives for 10 days and the female mosquito for 6 to 8 weeks.

10. If you sweat too much, chances are you will be bitten by mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes are pulled from the smell of sweat.

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