So this is why doctors wear white coats!

Aug 21 2019 01:48 PM
So this is why doctors wear white coats!

They say that a person is identified by his attire. Especially dress can only determine a person's profession. There are many professions that have different costumes and are also known for that. Doctors are one such profession that is considered as God on earth because they work to save lives.

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Doctors are mainly identified with their white coat that each doctor wears. But do you know why doctors wear white coats? There are also many secrets that we're going to tell you about.

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In fact, cleanliness is of great importance in medicine and the white coat of doctors is also a sign of cleanliness. A speck of small dirt on the white coat is also clearly visible and it is an indication that it needs to be changed now.

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Another reason is that white is considered a symbol of cleanliness as well as a sign of honesty, purity, and relationship with God. Since honesty and hygiene are of great importance in the medical profession, their white coat shows that they always have to take care of honesty and hygiene in their profession.

In addition, white color is also considered a symbol of a relationship with God and that is why the doctor has been given The Status of God on Earth because he keeps our body healthy and helps us to live a long life.

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