Lightning struck a man, video captured in CCTV!

Aug 20 2019 01:46 PM
Lightning struck a man, video captured in CCTV!

The rainy season is underway and there are times when there are power cases. A similar case has come to light recently and you will be shocked. In fact, there was an incident in South Carolina, U.S.A., which surprised everyone. It is said that during thunderstorms one should not go out in the rain as there are fears of lightning falling. This is what happened to the man whose video has also been captured. The phenomenon of nature was confronted by a man and narrowly escaped. The video is going viral on CCTV.

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In fact, Romulus McNeil shared a video of himself on Facebook and reported the incident. Also, in the video, a man in the rain can be seen walking with an umbrella. He got the lightning and missed the umbrella. The light in the video can be seen clearly. The entire incident was caught on camera. Everyone is surprised to see this. Watch the video here.

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As a counselor at the school, Romulus McNeil was carrying an umbrella during the rain. No one was there at the time. As soon as the fire broke out, suddenly lightning struck him. He hit the umbrella and was surprised. He shared this video on Facebook. In addition, many videos come out, and sometimes it can kill people.

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