VIDEO: 77 most bench presses underwater, Guinness world records

In today's time, people work hard for hours on their fitness. There are many people who go to the gym and do workouts. What people don't do to make themselves fit. By the way, every human's dream is to have a different look. For this reason, first of all, a man works hard to make his chest look great. Well, today we are going to show you a video which is currently a topic of discussion around the world. This video is of a workout bench press done by a man underwater.



In fact, we are talking about Vitaly Vivichar, who lives in Russia. He has made a unique world record by showcasing his talent. Let us tell you that this world record has got his name recorded in the Guinness Book. Actually, Vitelli Vivecher lifted a weight of 50 kg underwater and put 77 bench presses, which is a really amazing feat. In the meantime, it was a surprise that until he finished his task, he also held his breath underwater.

You can all watch this video shared by Guinness World Records on YouTube. By the way, now his record is everywhere and everyone is talking about it. By the way, the record made by Vitelli Vivecher is also a compliment because it is very difficult to lift weight underwater and that too by holding the breath. By the way, now everyone is seen praising this skill of Vitelli.

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