This is the most expensive wood in the world, your mind will blow after knowing her cost per Kilogram
This is the most expensive wood in the world, your mind will blow after knowing her cost per Kilogram

Some wood in the world is incredibly expensive and some very rare. By the way, sandalwood is generally considered expensive, which costs from five to six thousand rupees per kg, but you will be surprised to know that there is a wood in the world which is many times more than the price of sandalwood. Yes, before buying it, even the biggest rich will definitely think two to four times and then buy it.

The name of this wood is African Blackwood. It is one of the most valuable materials on earth. The cost of just one kilogram of this wood is more than eight thousand pounds i.e. more than seven lakh rupees. In this case, a good luxury car can be purchased. African blackwood trees are extremely rare on earth compared to other trees, ie they are rare. Their height is about 25-40 feet. African blackwoods are found in 26 countries in central and southern Africa. They are mostly found in dry places.

Although this tree takes about 60 years to be fully grown, in countries like Kenya and Tanzania, these trees are cut down prematurely due to illegal trafficking of timber. This has led to a huge reduction in the number of blackwoods, due to which they have become rare. The wood of African blackwood is mostly used in making musical instruments such as clarinet, flute and guitar. Apart from this, strong and durable furniture is also made from this wood, but they are quite expensive. So expensive that buying them is not just a matter of common people.

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