Woman of Indian origin is in the team searching for Corona vaccine

Jun 01 2020 04:05 PM
Woman of Indian origin is in the team searching for Corona vaccine

Epidemic corona has infected millions of the world. Due to which every day scientists are engaged in new research. The virus has killed millions of people so far. Currently, no vaccine preparation has been done to combat the virus. Many countries of the world are trying at their own level to search for the vaccine. Doctors and scientists did not give up. In such a situation, the name of a woman of Indian origin emerged. He is part of the team that makes the Corona vaccine, his name is Chandrabali Dutta.

According to media reports, doctors and scientists from Oxford University of London are working on preparing a vaccine to eradicate the corona. Chandrabali Dutta is a part of this team. Here she works as a quality assurance manager. So far, this trial is in the second and third phase. This vaccine has been named ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, which is believed to be helpful in combating the corona virus.

Apart from this, he told that his parents are very worried about him in this difficult time. She says, 'It takes two to three years to make a vaccine, but to deal with this dangerous disease, we have to make a vaccine soon. That's why we are working. 'Chandrabali was born in Kolkata. From here, he studied engineering and biotechnology. Since childhood, he had a lot of interest in Maths and Biology. He has even studied computer science. Not only this, he has also worked as an associate software engineer at Accenture. She says, 'A friend of mine encouraged me to study in Nottingham. He told that there are a lot of problems about women here. Then I also did a masters in biotech from here itself.

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