Mother jailed after giving birth to a child, the reason is shocking

A surprising incident is coming out from America, here this woman is 31 years old and has given birth to a child. Subsequently, the woman is sentenced to 90 days in jail. The reason is the age of the father of her child. The woman had refused to go to jail, although she is still incarcerated. This incident is from Colorado, USA.

According to a report received, the father of the child to whom the woman has given birth is only 13 years old. This boy used to call the woman as 'mom'. On investigation, it was found that the woman had physical relations with this boy and then became pregnant with his child. She has accepted her crime. Thereafter, she is sentenced to 3 months imprisonment. The criminal woman has been identified as Andrea Serrano. She was sentenced on Thursday. Earlier she was arrested in the month of July of the year 2022 on a bond of $70,000. But then she was released.

The same then a case of sexual exploitation of a minor boy was registered against her. Investigators say Serrano has confessed to a relationship with the boy. In March, Serrano's attorney asked prosecutors to make a deal. Under which she would have been registered as a sex offender but she would have avoided jail time and would have been on probation until May. In addition to agreeing to the terms of the deal, Serrano will now have to serve 90 days in jail. Serrano has given birth to a 13-year-old boy since her arrest last year. The child is still under her care. 

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