The mother of 6 children mudered her own husband killed, know the matter

Gopalganj: A shocking incident is coming to the fore from Gopalganj district of Bihar, here in Ladpur village, Mohammad Miyan, a fish trader, was shot dead on the last night of May 22. Taking immediate action, the police has disclosed this murder case in two days. In this case, the deceased's wife Noorjahan Khatoon and her lover Naushad Alam turned out to be the main culprits. Both had got the murder done with the help of betel nut killer. Police recovered Rs 7500 in cash, a pistol, 3 live cartridges, 5 mobiles and a motorcycle from the arrested criminals. 

In the investigation of Phulwariya police station, it came to light that Mohammad Miyan's wife Noorjahan Khatoon had an illegal relationship with Naushad Alam. For this, Mohammad used to beat his wife. Distressed by this, the wife along with her lover Naushad Alam and 2 betel nut killers planned to kill her husband. Interrogation of arrested betel nut killers Mansoor Alam and Parvez Alam revealed that Noorjahan Khatoon, mother of six children, had given betel nut to kill her husband Mohammad Miyan for Rs 50,000. A pistol worth Rs 28,000 and 4 live cartridges were purchased from the betel nut amount. On the night of the incident, Noor Jahan herself was giving instructions from her mobile and was looking through the window. 

Police said, fish trader Mohammad Miyan was sleeping on the cot outside his house. The wife was looking outside by opening the window of the house and was in contact with the accused on mobile. Actually, Mohammad Miyan returned after staying in Dubai for a long time. On the other hand, his wife Noor Jahan, who was staying at home with the children, had a relationship with Naushad. It was told that Naushad and Noorjahan had relations for the last 21 years. The criminal Noorjahan told that the husband did not treat her like a wife. Used to fight a lot. The woman took her 6 children and said that now all the children will live with me and her lover Naushad. A total of 4 persons have been arrested in this case. 

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