Mother's milk protects child from bacteria

Aug 30 2017 03:25 PM
Mother's milk protects child from bacteria

New Delhi: Mother's milk is like nectar for children. It not only develops children but also protects children from diseases. According to recent research, mother's milk can save children from infection. Know, what does research say?

What does research say: Research has said that a special type of sugar found in mother's milk protects the newborn from many warm-blooded bacteria. Group B strep bacterium, found in pregnant women worldwide, can cause severe infections in the newborn, and that creates the risk of developing serious diseases such as sepsis or pneumonia in newborns. This infection also leads to the death of children, because the immune system of the newborn is not fully developed.

Expert says: Steven Townsend, Assistant Professor of Vanderbilt University, located in Tennessee, USA, says this research is the first example of working as an antibacterial of carbohydrate found in human milk. Research has revealed that the sugar from the mother's milk works as an antibiophilm. This is the most unreliable feature of this element found in mother's milk that it does not have toxins at all, as in other antibiotics.

Why this research: About 10 years ago, researchers had found in research that pregnant women have group B straps, bacteria and these jerks go into infants through breastfeeding. But since most of the newborns are prevented by this group B Strepe bacteria, researchers wanted to see that there are elements that are found in mother's milk, which work to fight these bacteria.

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