Recipe: Make motichoor's laddu at home for Bappa

Aug 29 2019 05:28 PM
Recipe: Make motichoor's laddu at home for Bappa

The festival season has begun and Ganesh Chaturthi is coming soon. So everyone is trying to bring Bappa home. Special enjoyment will also be being prepared for them. All Ganpatiji prefers to make a variety of dishes for that service and how to forget Motichoor Laddu when it comes to indulging Ganesha. Laddu Bappa of Idol Chura is a favorite and can now make them at home too. Today we are going to tell you this recipe.

Necessary materials

- besan 60 grams
- Saffron will have some threads as desired
- Sugar 3/4" 4 cups
- milk 2 tsp
- Oil as needed
- Pistachio/Paisa Long Cut/Severed Long Cut 5-6


- Stir the gram flour in a large bowl with 1/2 cup and a tablespoon of water to make a smooth solution without a kernel.

- Filter the mixture with a sieve and add it to another bowl.

- Cook the sugar and half a cup of water in a deep non-stick pan, continuously, until the sugar dissolves completely.

- Add milk and remove the scum when it floats up.

- Cook the mixture until a wire syrup is formed.

- Heat the requirement oil in embroidery on a medium flame.

- Dip the batter in the slurry with a small stick, then slurp it slightly, then pat it lightly on the edge of the frying pan so that small drops of oil fall.

- Collect a Bundi from another jhara and take it out of the oil and pour it into the syrup.

- Make Bundi until the whole solution is finished.

- Allow the Bundi to soak for an hour so that they become soft.

- Squeeze more syrup and make a lime-shaped laddu of a Bundi.

- Decorate with pistachios.

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