Winter continues in Mount Abu, Temperature falls up to frozen point
Winter continues in Mount Abu, Temperature falls up to frozen point

Jaipur: The whole country is chilling at this time. Due to snowfall in the mountains, the temperature in the plains has also dropped below zero. Water has accumulated at many places in Rajasthan's tourist destination Mount Abu and has to be scrapped with frozen ice on the car. The winter havoc continues in Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

The minimum temperature dropped by 4 degrees on Thursday compared to Wednesday, reaching minus 4 degrees. The layer of snow froze on the grass, vehicles and boats parked in the lake as the minimum temperature continued to fall below the freezing point. There is such a situation of winter in Mount Abu that even a thick layer of snow has accumulated on the car vials which have to be scrapped. On the seats of the boat standing in the lake of Mount Abu, a layer of snow froze which was scrapped.

To avoid the cold, people are seen wrapped in warm clothes. People are trying to get relief from this winter with the help of teacups and loud flames of the bonfire.

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