Mozilla receives "Internet Villan of the Year" award

Jul 09 2019 07:35 PM
Mozilla receives

Mozilla has been nominated for the "Internet Willen of the Year" award. The initiators were representatives of the UK Internet Provider Trade Association, and the company had plans to add Firefox support to the DNS protocol on HTTPS (DoH).

The bottom line is that this technology will circumvent the restriction of content filtering adopted in the country. Developers were blamed on the organization of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAUK). The bottom line is that DoH sends DNS requests not through UDP, but through HTTPS, which allows you to hide them in normal traffic. In addition, connections work at the operating system level and between applications.

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In the UK, operators are required to block extremist content, child pornography and such websites. But DoH will use this task seriously. Most operators oppose this technology, though the same British Telecom supports it.

Another name for this award was U.S. President Donald Trump for the trade war with China. And the third claimant is Article 13 of the EU "Instructions on Copyright". According to him, it is necessary to introduce content recognition technology in social networks, which has angered many users and experts.

At the same time, Chinese experts have discovered the world's first malware that uses the DoH protocol to communicate with the server. It is called Godlua and is ADOS-Bot for attacks. According to experts, this system can seriously complicate the work of network security devices, as DoH requests are not visible in general traffic.

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