"Workers coming from other states will not have to pay train fare"- Madhya Pradesh government

May 04 2020 02:40 PM

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh government has sent a plan for 31 trains to the Ministry of Railways to call the labourers trapped in other states. In such a situation, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said- "No rent will be charged from any labour. The state government will bear the fare for bringing labourers, so they have said. The ticket of 347 labourers brought from Nashik on Saturday was cut, for which the opposition accused the government. The Chief Minister said that, "Such information has come that some labourers coming from Nashik have been charged fare there. It should be ensured that no fare is charged from any labourer. ''

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Additional Chief Secretary ICP Kesari told that "A plan of 31 trains has been sent to the Ministry of Railways to bring our labourers from different states. These 22 trains will bring labourers from Maharashtra, 2 Gujarat, 1 Delhi, 2 Goa and 4 other states to Madhya Pradesh. "On the same day, Shivraj Singh Chauhan tweeted and wrote," In this hour of crisis, my labouring sister- Brother, do not worry at all. I stand with you with full force. We are trying together with the Central Government and the Ministry of Railways to bring you back by special train from various states. Your rent will also be borne by the state government. #MPFightsCorona '

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The MP government has started toll-free number 0755-2411180 to bring the trapped labourers in another state and to register their problems and about getting the necessary information, Principal Secretary Sanjay Dubey told that about 1300 calls per minute are coming on this and due to this the number of lines will be increased.

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