Father murdered his 8-year-old son then surrendered in police station

May 30 2020 04:00 PM
Father murdered his 8-year-old son then surrendered in police station

The case that has recently come to light is heartbreaking. This case is being reported from Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh. Here, a father tied hands of his 8-year-old innocent son and drowned him in the Wainganga River. After executing this incident, the father first went to his house and told that he drowned his son in the river.

After doing this, the accused himself reached Kotwali and told the police everything. While confessing his crime to the police, he said, "I have killed my son and thrown him into the river and ended my family." First the father took him to the market and it was the birthday of the elder daughter of the accused. In this case, the father took the son with him on the pretext of buying the cake, where he first tied both the hands of his son with his belt and killed him by throwing him in the river.

The police reached the spot and recovered the body and sent it for postmortem. After knowing about the death of the son, in this case, the whole family is weeping. The police have arrested the accused. Family members, in this case, say that the accused was under stress due to lack of work. Police is investigating the case.

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