20-year-old boy committed suicide after girlfriend's parents accused him of rape

Sep 06 2019 01:20 PM
20-year-old boy committed suicide after girlfriend's parents accused him of rape

Nowadays cases of increasing crime remain a sensation for all. In such a case, which has recently come up, Shivam Gupta son Vinod Kumar Gupta, a student of Polytechnic, resident of Naogaon in Chhatarpur, has ended his life near his girlfriend's house in the late night of Harpalpur. At the same time, he has also left a 2-page suicide note in which the girlfriend and her family have been blamed for the suicide. At the same time, according to the news, before this, the girlfriend had filed a rape case against him. In this case, the police said that "20-year-old Shivam, living in front of the Mela Ground in Naogaon, had a long love affair with a student of Harpalpur. Both studied in a polytechnic college in the second year. On 30 August, the family members of the girls had caught Shivam with her, they assaulted Shivam and then filed a lawsuit against him at the Naogaon police station alleging rape.

In this case, the police said that Shivam wrote in his suicide note that "On September 3, his father went to his girlfriend's house and apologized to him, but he had been threatened that they would kill Shivam by setting him on fire and you will be sent to jail. Not only this, but they also thrashed up Shivam's father. Shivam committed suicide by becoming very upset with his girlfriend's family. Whatever his relationship with his girlfriend, both of them had their wishes. He never blackmailed his girlfriend. Shivam left a two-page suicide note in his room in English.

According to reports, Shivam's father told that "On Tuesday night, Shivam went to sleep in his room. He went saying that he has a test on Wednesday. So wake him up at three in the morning. When the father gave voice to Shivam at 3 in the morning, he did not answer. Shivam was not there when he saw him in the room. ”At the same time, on dial 100, he informed the disappearance of the son, after which he was told by the police that Shivam was found dead in Harpalpur.

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