MP State government keeping eye on farmers

Nov 28 2020 07:35 AM
MP State government keeping eye on farmers

In view of concern about agitation in Delhi, the MP government has begun to keep an eye on the farmers’ organisations so that the agitation in Delhi may not have an impact on the state. There is resentment against the farm bills in some areas in the country, so the farmers are staging a sit-in in Delhi.

However, the farmers of the state have not yet taken part in the agitation, but the government is keeping an eye on them. The farmers’ agitation turned violent in 2018, and the police had to resort to firing to quell the angry farmers. As a result of firing, five farmers lost their lives. Therefore, the state government has become sensitive about the farmers after that incident. There is a misunderstanding among farmers in the state about the minimum support price. The government has yet to purchase maize, despite giving assurance to farmers.

 There is anger among farmers about certain other issues, but the government is careful about it. Some political parties are also talking to the farmers about the shortcomings of the Central Government and the state government’s farm policies. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is said to be highly sensitive about the farmers. It is because of him that farmers’ anger against the Central Government has little impact on the state. Despite all efforts by the Congress to woo farmers, they stood by the BJP in the by-elections. Now the government is making efforts to deal with farmers’ anger in case it should happen following amendments in the Mandi Act by the Central Government.

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