MS Dhoni once again, chased by a fan during the practice match, watch video here

Mar 18 2019 10:06 AM
MS Dhoni once again, chased by a fan during the practice match, watch video here

Former Skipper MS Dhoni enjoys a huge fan base who are crazy about him. We have seen mant time, Fans dodge security to enter the field and meet MSD In fact, earlier during the Australia series, a similar instance had taken place. But it is Dhoni who makes the scene entertaining. Even amid a tense situation, the veteran cricketer has the ability to stay calm and keep the spectators entertained and that is what he emulated in the fan-chase incident in the Australia series. Now, a  similar incident unfolded at the MA Chidambaram Stadium on Sunday during Chennai Super Kings' practice game.

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CSK managed to capture the moment and shared it on their Twitter handle with the caption, "Catch Me If You Fan #AnbuDen Version! #SuperPricelessThala @msdhoni and the smiling assassin @Lbalaji55! #WhistlePodu" In this video we can see Dhoni was once again chased down by a fan, but rather than the usual - fan running to his idol and touching his feet or hugging him - the wicketkeeper-batsman played a little 'Catch me if you can' game with him before security intervened. However, Dhoni did go to the fanboy and shook his hand. 

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Earlier in the Australia series, fans in Nagpur managed to witness a similar incident. During match a fan had breached security to enter the field to meet Dhoni. But the MS didn't make it an easy task for the fanboy as he was forced to chase him.

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