Eating Tulsi leaves can have these good effects!

Milk, as we all know, is extremely beneficial to our health. Milk is high in vitamins and minerals. It also contains a lot of calcium. Which is good for your bones, but did you know that adding some healthy ingredients to milk and drinking it may quadruple your health? Today we will discuss the advantages of ingesting tulsi leaves blended with milk.
1- If you have a migraine problem, add tulsi leaves to milk and boil. Consume it when it cools down slightly. Drinking tulsi milk in the morning and evening relieves migraine problems.

2- The body becomes weak when there is viral fever. Drinking tulsi leaves, cloves and pepper in milk when it is viral fever removes the problem of viral fever.

3- Milk and tulsi are also very beneficial in cancer. Milk and tulsi are rich in vitamins and nutritious minerals. Tulsi leaves are also rich in antibiotic properties. Which is capable of fighting a dangerous disease like cancer. Cancer patients benefit from drinking tulsi leaves in milk regularly in the morning and evening.

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