Mukesh Ambani says India can lead digital society in its own right

New Delhi: Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani, said India can lead the Digital Society and become a worldwide leader in its own right. Ambani, who spoke at the InFinity Forum on Friday, said, "This is only the beginning of what will be even more fantastic, exciting, and useful in the future.

The 'Digital First' Revolution is going to change everything. The real world will be pushed aside in favour of the digital." "Any product or service we want is first conceptualised and designed in the digital domain, then built in the physical area," he said. "In terms of project execution, the Digital First Revolution achieves unprecedented velocity, quality, dependability, efficiency, customisation, and client happiness." He said.

There will be significant cost savings as well as a reduction in resource waste. "Reducing resource waste is particularly crucial because it equates to caring for the planet," Ambani continued. He went on to say that in the virtual world, just as in the physical world, there will be significant wealth creation. People will begin to buy, sell, and use virtual real estate, for example.

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