Apart from hair, you can also use a conditioner in this work too...

After shampoo, you use Conditioner for hair softness. Conditioner is used to make hair soft and shiny. But let us tell you, till now you use conditioner only for soft and beautiful hair, but it has many more benefits. Today we are going to tell some benefits of this. With its help, you can not only brighten your old ornaments but can also take help in other household chores. Know its other uses

1. Silver jewelry is blackened many times and its brightness decreases. For this, apply conditioner on these ornaments and rub them lightly with a soft cloth. This will brighten it. Apart from jewelry, you can also use it to brighten leather bags, jackets or shoes or to remove any stains from them.

2. If the seductive shaving cream is over, don't worry! Use conditioner instead. At the same time, you can also use it for the softness of the feet. For this, mix 3 spoons of conditioner in a mug of water and soak the feet for 20 minutes and then scrub it and wipe it.

3. Due to being in the midst of dust and soil throughout the day, many times the flowers and leaves of your garden lose their luster. To maintain their shine, make a mixture of conditioner and water and spray them regularly. It keeps a layer between dust and soil and leaves and keeps it glowing.

4. You also use the fabric conditioner available in the market to wash woolen clothes, so it is no longer needed. While washing woolen clothes, put a spoon conditioner in the bucket or washing machine and then wash the clothes.

5. If the chain of your bag gets stuck, then apply light conditioner on it. It will start working again. At the same time, use it on these parts for the sound coming from the doors of the doors and just get rid of it forever.

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