Mumbai viral video: Car parked in parking area sinks in well, crane pulls out

Jun 14 2021 09:44 AM
Mumbai viral video: Car parked in parking area sinks in well, crane pulls out

Mumbai: A video from Mumbai is fast going viral these days. In fact, the video is from Ghatkopar area of Mumbai. This video is currently fast capped and is shocking to everyone. You can see in this video that a car parked in the parking lot in Ghatkopar area sinks underground and plunged into the water. According to reports, there was earlier a well in the area which was covered and made into a parking lot. Heavy rains weakened the ground and the car parked on top of it sank into the water.



The video is currently going viral on social media. You can see the bonnet of the car and the front wheel first sinking into the sinkhole in this video. The back of the car then gets into it. Finally, the whole car gets into the sinkhole. Let us tell you that the Ghatkopar area of Mumbai had been receiving heavy monsoon rains for the past few days. .


The entire case is said to be from Ram Niwas Society in Ghatkopar West. The names of those whose car has drowned are said to be Pankaj Mehta. There was no casualty in the entire incident as no one was present in the car when the car sank. After the video went viral, the BMC said, "The incident has nothing to do with the BMC as it belonged to the land society and the well was being used for parking the area half covered through RCC, which collapsed today and the parked car sank there".

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